jueves, 7 de febrero de 2013


I’ve asked myself many times why some people feel the pleasure of travelling. Why do we leave our home, our country and go to unknown countries to meet other people with other customs, other habits, and other climates?

I think that the root of this question is the curiosity, the interest that some human beings feel about other human beings, the need to communicate ourselves to establish connections, links, to know each other, the need to give and receive, the need to teach and to learn, the need to know and to love. In resume: the need to project ourselves towards other people and share with them their and our experiences.

We are not islands. We have to communicate. Usually, people who likes to travel likes  also to make friends. It is very important to adapt oneself to the environment. The first law of a good traveller is to adapt himself to the new circumstances, to the new country, and to the new habits and costumes.

Travelling is not just to translate yourself from one point to another. Travelling is also to enter into other cultures, study them and enjoy them. The knowledge of his culture is the great heritage that one nation gets from other nation.

 But the most interesting thing that one traveller can enjoy is to realize that when you are visiting a historic site (like Machu Pichu ruins, for instance) you can dream as if you were travelling in three dimensions: the present time (because you are enjoying it in the present), the past time (because you can imagine how could this people be when they were alive and they built these monuments and constructions) and the future time (because you can guess with your imagination how can it looks like in the future.

All these experiences are wonderful and only good travellers can understand how do other travellers feel.

Who has not felt sometimes the need to escape out of his quotidian job and to fly towards a remote island in the Pacific Ocean, or to the African jungles or to the mysterious deserts?

When you feel sad and desperate go on travelling and if you cannot travel read about travellers and places of magic and adventure.

                 AURORA PEREZ MIGUEL